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New Property Investment and Management Company launched in Cork

Author of bestselling property book "Making Property Work", Maureen Moran and her partner, Robert Sullivan are pleased to announce the launch of their new property business, M & R Property Consultants.

The business will specialise in investment property in Ireland and abroad. Their aim is to help clients build up profitable portfolios by advising on location, finance and all other aspects of successful investment. Due to their focus on property investments over many years, they are in a position to source property for their clients. Just now they have a number of high-yielding properties for sale in Cork, NE England and in Spain. These will not appear on the open market, but will be sold to their investors.

During the course of giving regular talks in Dublin, Limerick and Cork on property investment it became obvious to Maureen Moran that there were many people who wanted to invest in property but found the entry costs prohibitive.

"In my book, 'Making Property Work' I suggested that there are always opportunities out there. People remembered this and reminded me of it. It has become our mission to find sound opportunities for those who have limited cash and who want to salt it away for the future. People are, I think, becoming disillusioned with foreign property in remote places as much of it has failed to live up to the hype. Many of our clients are people looking to property to provide a pension or to enhance an existing retirement plan. They are not interested in risky investments.

"In contrast, people feel justly confident when investing in Britain and our UK properties in particular offer a great return. Prices are within the range of most buyers as we can secure up to 85% finance. For a little over 20,000, an investor can get started on a profitable portfolio, buying a property for about 140,000 and letting it for around 700 monthly with excellent potential for capital growth. Making a profit in year one and by releasing the equity on the first property, the process can be replicated each year more or less indefinitely." said Maureen Moran at their business launch.

"We also provide full, professional management taking the worry out of the process for the owner. We are now researching the residential market in Paris and hope to bring some interesting properties to our clients soon."

Locally in Cork, the business is also involved in letting and management of apartments and houses. They will take on only a limited number of properties at any time. This ensures that clients are given personal attention and each property gets as much time as it takes to get the best possible deal.

The company brings together widely differing talents and interests in its management team. While Maureen Moran has been involved in the property investment business for many years, Robert Sullivan has much experience in building and property maintenance. This means that clients can be assured that there will be no unnecessary expense incurred or shoddy workmanship in keeping their property in good order and repair.
Currently, in Cork, there is great demand for good quality property to rent due to a large influx of people coming to live and work in the area. M & R Property has a database of professional people attached to foreign companies, hospitals and schools. They are in the process of sourcing suitable properties for them to rent.

While some aspects of their business require a high level of service and advice, they are aware that many people, especially those who have been in the property business for some time want a quick and low-cost alternative service that allows them to let, buy or sell their property themselves. To cater for this market M &R Property has an interactive website under construction where sellers and buyers will be able to log-on and conduct their own deals.

For professional advice on all aspects of property investment, M and R Property Consultants are the people to contact in Cork. Tel:021 431 4546 0r 087 2205230 or email: maureen.moran@ireland.com

For their UK investments check out their web-site (still under construction) www.mandrproperty.com

Further information
Mary FitzGerald
PR Consultant-M& R Property Consultants
Tel: 01 669 4759,
Mobile 086-2520 181

About the Property Consultants:
Maureen Moran has over twenty five years personal experience in the letting market in the UK and Ireland. Author of 'Making Property Work', a bestselling book on making the most of your property assets, she is a property journalist with the Irish Property Buyer and an executive member of the Irish Property Owners' Association. Her knowledge of the property market gives her a unique instinct for good quality property with excellent letting potential, providing their clients with a sound, high-yielding investment.

Robert Sullivan has extensive experience in the building trade. Formerly engaged in maintenance and property management, as their Refurbishment Manager he is responsible for evaluating and overseeing all work done on their properties and for fittings and furnishing. He provides on going management and maintenance of all of their properties in order to ensure the continued satisfaction of their tenants who are their valued customers.

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