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Company:New Wave Purchasing
Name:Stuart Kinsella / Bob Hogan
Title:Managing Partners
Date:October 2008

Bob Hogan and Stuart Kinsella are managing partners of New Wave Purchasing, established in mid 2006. The primary objective is to save money for Irish businesses.

They specialise in reducing costs in key areas such as, Telecoms (Mobile phone costs, Landlines, Broadband), Print, IT costs, Office Stationery and Equipment and Marketing costs. They will drive an initial 3 step approach: firstly Audit customers existing spends, then agree cost savings targets and finally develop an action plan to drive out these costs and more importantly - keep them out!

"Companies ARE loosing money daily" says Stuart Kinsella. "Generally companies will review areas such as Staff, IT and Rents which is a good start but areas where spend has crept over a period of time or where bad practices have inadvertently been adopted can be overlooked. We'd recommend all businesses should have a strong Cost Reduction Plan and we'll provide each of our customers a FREE report as part of our initial service. Savings are delivered over a short and medium term but generally deliver 30% on average per annum. It is important to note - these savings will not happen by accident - a focused effort is required. If the customer allows us to implement the report - targeted cost savings are agreed and the fee is funded from the saving. No savings for the customer - No fee for us."

Even though New Wave Purchasing is relatively new to the Irish Market they have made a significant impact already for their customers. Their project based style of working, with their company focus on 'Delivering Clear Results' by cost savings through quick, efficient and thorough working style has been a big success with customers already. One area where New Wave Purchasing been very successful to date has been in reducing businesses mobile phone spends where savings of up to 50% are not uncommon.

Bob Hogan explains why they set up this business. "I believed there was a gap in the market for these services" explains Bob, Managing Partner of New Wave Purchasing. "In 2006, the Irish economy was still in the 'boom period'- new and existing businesses were focusing on growth mainly due to a strong sales strategy and profits were indeed increasing but very often the businesses cost-income ratio was still creeping upwards.

Today in a downturn economy there is no substitute to having a strong Cost Reduction Plan - it is probably one of the only variables a business can control that will make a serious contribution to businesses profitability. "That's where we come in", explains Bob, "Many companies can actually sense they are not getting the best value from some of the products and services they pay for, but they may not have the time, the knowledge or indeed the expertise to take the required actions to drive these costs out and - Keep them out!"

We have developed these skills, knowledge and expertise over the years and any business can use our abilities to develop a professional and focussed Cost Reduction Plan and we'll implement the targeted savings within days & weeks.

"It's a real win/win for everyone" says Phil Reilly, Chief Executive of Glenrye Properties Services Ltd. "We asked New Wave to have a look at our mobile phone costs and within a few days they presented us with a proposal to show how they could take 19% off our bill, without even changing providers. We gave them the go ahead and they are actually now delivering an average of 30% per month."

"We have just received our Monthly savings report form New Wave Purchasing," explains Paul Jacob, Managing Director of Evolution. "I can see exactly how our mobile phone spends has decreased month on month against what we were paying 8 months ago when Newwave came onboard. In fact the annual savings promised by New Wave Purchasing are almost now delivered, even with 4 months of the year to go! The benefits of this surplus cash, was indeed put to very welcome use in other parts of our business"

"They done exactly what they said they'd do, so yes I'm very happy. explains Jonathan Leonard, MD, Hotfoot. "They demonstrated month on month how the account was performing and how savings were being realized".

"I really believe we have helped ease any cash-flow pressures on companies we have worked with", explains Stuart Kinsella. "In today's tough economic environment, it is very satisfying indeed to reduce costs as dramatically as we have with as little disruption as possible, eventually leading to further profitability." He adds, "We manage a low cost base which does not need to be passed on to our customers. It's a very scalable model and we can scale up (or down) to demand at any given time."

"Over our years of purchasing experience we developed some of the best purchasing and most practical buying practices. Our business model is simple - By utilising our significant purchasing experience and buying skills, we save money on your business money".

Some Key New Wave Purchasing Facts:
  • In our short history we have delivered cost savings for Irish Businesses of between 20-50% (averaging >30%) in specific cost areas.
  • There is no Cost to the Customer! A small proportion of the first year's savings goes to New Wave Purchasing as their fee - No Savings, No fee.
  • Every Euro of cost saving goes straight to the bottom line ie Profit, where as only your profit margin from any sales revenue goes towards your profit.
  • Every New Wave Purchasing Customer gets a FREE Cost Savings Report for their business.
  • "Ten simple tips for savings money on your business costs" - recently launched on www.newwavepurchasing.com

For more information, contact:

Mary FitzGerald, PR Consultant, Newwave Purchasing Tel: 01-6694759, mobile: 086-2520181, e-mail: info@maryfitzgeraldpr.ie

Also contact:

Bob Hogan - Managing Partner New Wave Purchasing
T: 01-6177887
M: 086 813 7769

Stuart Kinsella - Managing Partner New Wave Purchasing
T: 01-6177887
M: 087 2274665

References for satisfied customers are available - see www.newwavepurchasing.com for more information.

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