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NonSuch Bay, Antiqua.

Overseas Property Auction... the answer for Distressed Property Owners and Savvy Property Buyers!

Imagine one half of a room full of potential property buyers searching for a major bargain, then imagine the other half of the room full of sellers who for some reason or another need to sell their property quickly. Imagine the bargains to be picked up and the quick sales that could be made. It would be every property buyer and seller's dream ….and all happening in the same room….now imagine this to be true...

Always the first to change with the times Ann Collins has decided that Property Auctions are the smartest way forward. With the response www.PropertyAuction.ie has been receiving over the past few weeks it looks like Ms Collins is right once again! www.PropertyAuction.ie, a trading style of Ann Collins Property Limited, has just been launched on the Irish market.

The plan to hold an international property auction is well underway. Distressed owners, for whatever reason, find themselves with a property they can no longer afford so, in order to sell in the current market, they have to sell BMV (below market value). Savvy buyers know that there are bargains to be had out there during the current credit crunch and so are willing to take the time to search for the best bargains available. Well the search is now over for both parties. Ann Collins and her experienced team are currently busy matching distressed property owners with savvy property buyers and are finding that this current way of doing business is making for a win/win situation for all involved.

Ann Collins plans to hold her first auction in the City West Hotel in Dublin selling both properties in Ireland and abroad. This should be interesting! Any seller interested in selling their distressed property must be prepared to sell at a major discount and buyers must be prepared to whip the money from their pockets on Auction day - Buyers should know that they do not pay any commissions or fees to www.PropertyAuction.ie.

A Vendor Application form - available by post or on the website - must be completed in full and signed. Vendors will be charged €1,000 plus vat (if applicable) for each property listed and a further 5% plus vat (if applicable) commission on exchange of contracts (usually within 1 month of Auction). The vendors' property will be listed on the www.PropertyAuction.ie website once all the information requested has been provided - each property will be put up for Auction twice. A "live auction" in the City West Hotel in Dublin will be held on a regular basis during the busy selling months. If a property is not selling all factors regarding its saleability will be revisited including the price. The buyer needs to have finances in order to take advantage of some great bargains.

When a property is sold at auction the purchaser must pay a non-refundable 6% deposit on the day. The purchaser will then have 7 days to exchange contracts and approximately 1 month to complete the sale. The purchaser will pay a further 14% on exchange of contracts. The remaining 80% is paid on completion the date of which will be specified in the contract. If the purchaser does not proceed with the sale the deposit will be split 50/50 between the vendor and www.PropertyAuction.ie

All properties will be dealt with on a first come first served basis.

Irish Times article 'Must sell' site for homes abroad
It's a sign of the troubled times: an online property auction website is being launched tomorrow to meet the need of a growing number of people with foreign property who find they now want to, or have to, sell.
Click here to view the article

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