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Living with a Problem Drinker, your survival guide

Rolande Anderson

This self help book, written by Alcohol and Addiction Counsellor, Rolande Anderson, was officially launched by Irish singer, Frances Black in the Thomas Davis Lecture Theatre , Trinity College, Dublin, Monday 30th August at 6.pm.

Problem drinkers destroy not just themselves but their loved ones too. Millions of families are trapped by alcohol-related patterns of behaviour, with devastating consequences for their personal health, well-being and safety. Excess, binge and dependent drinking can result in relationship breakdown, illness, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, sexual problems, major mental health problems including depression, and suicide. Living with a Problem Drinker is written for people stuck in alcohol-fuelled, unhappy relationships. Topics include:

  • the cultural and social context of drinking
  • handling the pressure to drink
  • how problems with alcohol may be defined
  • how to tell if your partner is an alcoholic
  • coping skills and techniques for partners and families
  • the impact of family dynamics on problems with alcohol
  • how to help and protect children in alcoholic homes
  • types of available help, including counselling and self-help groups

About the author: Rolande Anderson is a leading alcoholism and addiction counsellor with more than 30 years' experience in the field. He is currently the National Alcohol Project Director for the Irish College of General Practitioners.

Living with a Problem Drinker   Sheldon Press   30 August €9.50

For further information, a review copy or to interview the author, please contact Mary FitzGerald, PR Consultant info@maryfitzgeraldpr.ie or Tel 01-6787916, mobile 086-2520181.


Alcohol/Addiction Counsellor

He was educated at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Dublin. He qualified as a professional Social Worker in 1978 from Trinity College, Dublin. He specialises in alcohol problems and occupational health issues. He was the Assistant Director of the Alcohol/Chemical Dependence Programme in St. Patrick's Hospital where he worked for over 19 years. He was also Assistant Director of the Rutland Centre from 1997- 1999.

He has vast experience in counselling and treatment of Alcohol Dependence, individual, group and family counselling and he has extensive lecturing experience at home and abroad. He has conducted numerous training workshops on Alcohol Dependence and other topics locally and internationally. He wrote a chapter on alcohol and the family in the best- selling book, "Under The Weather". He was one of the founding members and former P.R.O. of the Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors.

As well as working in private practice he is the National Alcohol Project Director, for the Irish College of General Practitioners, since 2000. He has many and varied interests. He is married with two grown-up children.

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