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Irish Property Council calls for a "Truth Commission" as negotiation is the only way forward.

The Irish Property Council (IPC) is calling on the new Government to recognise the catastrophe that is affecting Irish families and businesses brought about by the catastrophic collapse of the Irish financial framework.

It is causing the most incredible stress and disillusionment amongst the public and citizens of the state where the only resolution for those affected is through the courts since they are being held singly responsible whereas all reports commissioned by Government, including the Wright report, the Regling and Watson report and last week, the Nyberg report, are holding the Government, Banks, Financial Regulator, Central Bank, and the Department of Finance responsible.

We are calling for a" truth commission" where the personnel and the departments responsible admit responsibility, accept accountability and take the anguish from people being prosecuted in courts and seek an alternate remedy for people in the future.

The continued destruction of people’s lives through court actions by Financial Institutions which substantially contributed to the crisis is no longer acceptable and is an abuse of legal process and powers. The IPC call on all accountable and responsible parties to work with the borrower to reach a solution so that people can live and work and have a future for themselves, their families and their employees.

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Patrick Fitzgerald,
Martin McGinn,
Damien Donegan,
David Mellon,
Seamus Savage,
Peter Daly,
Patrick White

About The Irish Property Council
The Irish Property Council (IPC) is a professional organisation set up to provide a cogent voice to the people engaged in the property business in Ireland, including builders, developers and investors. The Council has been set up to foster unity across its membership body, to best explore and understand the broader affairs they each face.

Prior to the founding of the IPC the property industry in Ireland had no single, cross sector representative body. The IPC has been established to fill that void and to provide the support mechanisms needed by its members, ensuring that their contribution to Irish society is represented as a professional business interest within Ireland.

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