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The Biggest Winner, Rob Walpole...as seen on the Late Late Show!

Rob Walpole who lost 23 stone, recently appeared on Ireland's top rated television show, RTE 1's The Late Late Show. Viewers of the Show on Friday 8th April, 2011 saw Rob reveal his amazing new look to presenter Ryan Tubridy after losing an astonishing 23 stone! He told Ryan he achieved this great weight loss by following a weight loss programme designed for him in the Motivation Weight Management Clinic, Beacon Centre, Sandyford, Dublin.

This plan was based on a weight loss programme devised by Dr Laroque, a Canadian doctor and founder of Motivation Clinics. His successful programme is based on treating a person's mental as well as physical weight. The focus of the plan is also on following a maintenance programme after your target weight loss is reached.

Now that Rob has successfully done that, he plans to open his own Motivation Clinic so that he can help others lead a healthier, fitter life. Details of that Clinic will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, here is Rob's story which is an inspiration to all those fighting the battle of the bulge!

About Rob Walpole-Background and weight history.

"I was born in London, where I lived until I was 4. My family moved to Ireland and I lived in Goatstown, Dublin until I got married.

I started working with HMV when they opened in Dublin. I progressed my career with the company throughout Scotland and England. I moved back to Ireland with HMV and after several years joined Peter Mark and then House of Vogue.

I was always the biggest guy in the class, bigger than the rest of the lads. I always played football but as the biggest guy I was always put in goal!

We went to see Thin Lizzy in the Stadium when I was 14/15, it was my first gig. I wore a badge I had bought at the concert into school the next day and I was feeling really good. We were late for a class and the teacher looked at the badge which was just Thin Lizzy logo in a mirror effect and said "that will never be you".

I lost a lot of weight at the age of 14/16. I discovered going out, girls, listening to music and drinking. I was tall and quite normal at 17 / 18 years but I was eating badly. I was going all day with only an apple and a Ryvita with a slice of cheese. I was not looking at what I was eating or why I was eating. I was worried about putting on weight.

From then on I yo-yo up and down in weight. I would lose 8 stone, put on 10 stone. I was binging on food and drink - always conscious of my weight, always on a diet. Then I would eat badly, at the wrong times and the wrong foods and drink.

I was always conscious of what I was weighing even if I didn't want to know the answer and I always took it badly when anyone commented on my weight. After living in the UK for a few years with my wife and daughter we moved home to Ireland in May 1998. In December my wife Caroline suffered a brain aneurism and died, we buried her the day before Christmas Eve. I was then faced with bringing up my 11 year old daughter, Rachel on my own. I wanted to be around for her for the long term.

I heard Dr. Larocque on Matt Cooper's radio show talking about the fact that he treats the person not the obesity. His line "it's not what you eat but why you eat" struck a chord with me so I called Motivation. I joined Motivation and attended their Sandyford Clinic on 20th January 2010, weighing 36 stone 4 lbs.

I remember feeling shocked at my weight. My bathroom scales only went to 18 stone so I had been guessing what I was. I had no idea I weighed that much. At the same time, I also remember thinking that it was the start of a new beginning, the start of a new life.

When I started losing the weight I felt like a new person. I had energy and was able to start living a normal life. The entire programme was amazing and all of the Consultants are great. I am a new person. I have energy, vitality and a new desire for life and living. I love exercising now and go to the gym regularly along with walking and using my ab trainer at home. My family and friends are all so proud of me and have willed me to succeed, supporting me through-out the program.

What price can you put on your health and happiness? I am 49 years old with a metabolic age of 34. I also have great plans for the future, I am getting married to my fiancée Mary Ellen in Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim in June. My daughter Rachel is the Bridesmaid, we all can't wait!

Further information re Motivation Weight Management Clinics, see www.motivation.ie
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