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Presidential Candidate, Sean Gallagher launches 4pm Design, New "Design Cloud Marketplace"

Pictured at the Official Launch of 4pmDesign.com in The Orwell Hotel Rathgar, Dublin 6 were Carol Baker, John Kennedy, CEO, 4pmDesign.com, Presidential Candidate Sean Gallagher and his wife Trish Gallagher.

"Welcome to design democracy, where the power of the web enables everybody to use and market top quality design. 4pmDesign.com is a search engine and marketplace for all types of designs. It will break down the barriers to design, give greater access to quality and choice and reduce the cost of access. It will also open up a whole new marketplace for designers to generate revenue and compete or promote themselves on a level playing field internationally." said John Kennedy CEO 4pmDesign.com

4pmDesign.com announces the launch of their new design search engine and cloud marketplace for both Designers & Publishers.

Scribes mass producing books for writers have been confined to the pages of history. At that time they were a bottleneck to the everyday person in accessing books. The printing revolution did not devalue the works by poets or writers but in fact it enabled the sharing of their work to a greater audience. We see 4pmDesign.com as a similar tool to grant greater access to design to both individuals and the business community.

In the depths of this gloomy recession 4pm Design.com has shone some light for designers with the launch of their new online cloud enabling designers the chance to upload their work onto a new platform for others to purchase. Designers and publishers will earn royalties every time their work is used by someone else, earning them a significant amount of additional income.

4pmDesign.com also allows designers to maximize the exposure of their portfolio by offering it to a worldwide audience with the opportunity for users to edit and download images and graphics online in minutes. It also drastically reduces the sales and marketing workload for the designers, giving them more time to focus on their creative pieces of work.

Designers may wish to use the site with their current clients, building design quickly through 4pmDesign.com. For Publishers, 4pmDesign.com delivers a significant reduction in design costs with its ability to streamline the design production process by providing a platform to edit and produce designs and ultimately booking and paying for them to be placed into a publication. It removes the need for expensive design software and design skills as the bottleneck.

Mary FitzGerald and Jane Baker at the launch of 4pmDesign.Com in The Orwell Hotel, Rathgar, Dublin 6.

4pmdesign.com are offering a dynamic upload facility, accepting multiple design files, including Adobe InDesign and PDF. The beta for designers and publishers to upload is now live and the site is functioning for custom.

Speaking at the launch, Independent Presidential Candidate, Entrepreneur and Businessman Seán Gallagher said,

"I am delighted to help to launch 4pm Design's new 'design cloud marketplace'. The innovation and entrepreneurship shown by John Kennedy and his team is something that as President I would like to see highlighted and celebrated. On my listening tour of the country I have been surprised and delighted to see the level of energy and enthusiasm shown by entrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating jobs for themselves and others with new and exciting ventures. People like John are the new heroes in their communities, where survival is the new success. I would like to wish John and his team the best of luck and I look forward to hearing how they get on."

Further information:

John Kennedy
CEO, 4pmDesign.com
Tel: 86 2462716 - Tel: 01 4977705 - Fax: 01 685 4037

Email: john@4pm.ie
Address: Richmond House 118 Lwr. Rathmines Road, Dublin 6 Website: www.4pm.ie & www.4pmDesign.com


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